The ROOTS of John Schwenk

Text & Drawings by Kurt OíBrien, 1977
Web layout by John Schwenk, 2004

We begin our root tracing some where around the vicinity of 2 million BC, where we find the first known Schwenk...

Neanderthal Schwenk

We realize this bears no resemblance to the Schwenk of 1977 AD, yet notice the characteristics of 2 million BC to the Schwenk of today

Now letís skip a million years or so, to the Schwenk of 500 AD

Now on to 1500 AD

1700 AD

The first Schwenk to discover


His great grandson immigrated to the U.S. and became

1800 AD

Later, his grandson became

His son then immigrated
back to Germany and became

...and his son became Johnís father.

Now we shall take a look into the far future
where we find...

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