George Schwenk, 1923 - 2007

George was my dad.

Updated: 2/1/2008

Dad laughing
Dad profile
Dad at bird feeder
Dad smiling

Dad liked to feed birds (thatís seed in the bucket)

Dad and me

Me and dad

Dad reading

He spent a lot of time reading and listening to music in his favorite chair.
(And donít forget that Martini.)

Dad and Kurt

My brother, Kurt, with dad

Deb and dad

My sister, Debbie, with dad

Elizabeth, Georgeís wife of 23 years.

Dadís life was infinitely enriched by Beth.

In his declining months, she also worked very very hard to take care of him. Thanks to her, he was able to live at home until his final hospital stay.

Among other things, George was a gifted artist.
After a long successful career in medical illustration, he turned, in retirement, to oil painting.

Dad painting

As he grew older and his faculties began to fade, painting began to frustrate him. This was one of his last paintings.

It was for his wife, Elizabethís, church.

A small selection of art by George Schwenk

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